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Visual Communications Company, LLC

- Today, VCC is the recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative LED, incandescent, neon and specialty indicator light solutions for global markets including aerospace, medical, automotive, transportation, safety and industrial. With the addition of the CML, Leecraft and Littelites indicator product lines, VCC has the broadest product line and offers the most versions and options across all indicator light technologies. As a pioneer in the development of high-performance LED indication solutions, VCC combines 40+ years of experience in LED design, engineering, and manufacturing with its extensive incandescent and neon indicator light capabilities and is changing the way indication is used to communicate.

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Image of VCC's 90 Series LED Panel Mount Indicator

90 Series LED Panel Mount Indicator

VCC's 90 series LED panel mount indicators offer superior construction, longer life, and watertight socket options for splashdown environments.

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Image of VCC's CSM Series Capacitive Touch Sensor Displays

CSM Series Capacitive Touch Sensor Displays

VCC's CSM series capacitive touch sensor displays are offered in a variety of colors and are available in a 15 mm x 15 mm x 3.2 mm package.

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Image of VCC's DSM7T Series SMD Thin 7-Segment Display

DSM7T Series SMD Thin 7-Segment Display

VCC's DSM7T series is available in three colors, red, pure green, and blue, all offered with an excellent character appearance and aesthetic benefits.

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Image of VCC's LPCR Series Light Pipes

LPCR Series Light Pipes

VCC's LPCR series light pipes feature a Fresnel lens round surface for a super wide viewing angle at 160 degrees.

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Image of Visual Communications Company's PCL22 Series LED Panel Mount Indicator

PCL22 Series Panel Indicators

VCC's PCL22 series panel indicators are high performance LEDs with advance light diffusion technology for critical applications where the presence of indications is crucial or where lamp replacement is difficult or costly.

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Image of VCC's PML50 Series Panel Mount Indicator

PML50 Series Panel Mount Indicator with FlexVolt™ Technology

VCC's PML50 series with built-in LED FlexVolt technology offers daytime visibility and easy installation in harsh environments.

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VCC CSM Series | Digi-Key Daily

VCC's capacitive touch sensor display technology provides a fast and intuitive interface for users and simplifies customer's interactions.

Publish Date: 2018-06-26

LTH Series - New Product Introduction - LED 12V with Built-in Resistor

The LTH5MM12V Series is a high brightness LED, equipped with a built-in resistor for 12V operation that enables easy design,and provides space saving benefit.

Publish Date: 2018-01-31

VCC High Voltage LED Indicator - IP67 rated

CNX series expanded to include new 120VAC version to meet industry needs. The ruggedized indicator series with built-in LED offers fast, easy installation in a wide range of applications.

Publish Date: 2018-01-31

New Thin Surface Mount 7-Segment LED Display Series

Visual Communications Company (VCC) launches New Surface Mount 7-segment LED Display Series from VCC - Specially designed for an automatic pick-and-place mounting process to reduce production costs.

Publish Date: 2018-01-31

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