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Image of ECS' ECS-5032MV SMD Multi-Volt Crystal Oscillator
ECS-5032MV SMD Multi-Volt Crystal Oscillator

ECS' ECS-5032MV SMD, low-power, multi-volt crystal oscillators are designed for applications such as IoT, industrial, and wireless devices.

Image of Cree Wolfspeed's CG2H40025 GaN HEMT
CG2H40025 Gallium-Nitride High-Electron-Mobility Transistor

Wolfspeed’s CG2H40025 GaN high-electron-mobility transistor offers a general purpose broadband solution for a variety of RF and microwave applications.

Image of Phoenix Contact Modbus TCP/RTU to Ethernet/IP Gateway
Modbus TCP/RTU to Ethernet/IP Gateway

Phoenix Contact’s Modbus-to-Ethernet/IP gateway has easy and intuitive web-based configurations, making migration painless.

Image of Cree Wolfspeed's CGHV40030F GaN HEMT
CGHV40030F Gallium-Nitride High-Electron-Mobility Transistor

Wolfspeed’s CGHV40030 GaN high-electron-mobility transistor is designed specifically for high-efficiency, high gain, and wide bandwidth capabilities.

Image of 3M's SCT7650EX Series Surface Capacitive Touch System
SCT7650EX Series Surface Capacitive Touch System

3M's SCT7650EX capacitive touch sensor provides brighter, crisper display images while providing superior impact resistance.

Image of Essentra's Hole Bushings and Plugs
Hole Bushings and Plugs

Essentra’s hole bushings and plugs are used to finish off holes and protect cables from chafing on sharp edges or cutouts.

Image of Lumex SML-LX0303SIUOGUSB LED

Lumex’s SML-LX0303SIUOGUSB ultra-small LED has a package size of 0.80 mm by 0.80 mm.

Image of Microchip's MCP1812A Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO Regulators
MCP1812A Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO Regulators

Microchip's MCP1812A low drop-out regulators are 300 mA LDO linear regulators for ultra-long-life LDO applications.

MPX Metal Composite Inductors - KEMET
MPX Metal Composite Inductors

The KEMET MPX metal composite inductors are ideal for use in DC-to-DC switching power supplies as power inductors as well as EMI filter inductors.

Image of KEMET Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Modules
Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Modules

KEMET’s pyroelectric infrared sensors use the pyroelectrics effect of ceramic by absorbing infrared rays from the human body.

Image of Laird Connectivity’s EFF6925A3S-15MHF1 Revie Flex Embedded Antenna
EFF6925A3S-15MHF1 Revie Flex Embedded Antenna

Laird Connectivity’s EFF6925A3S-15MHF1 high efficiency ensures reliable connection in a variety of integration environments.

Image of Sensata's 3000 Series Temperature Sensors
3000 Series Temperature Sensors

Sensata's 3000 series temperature sensors are the ideal solution for monitoring and regulating temperature in equipment and processes.

Image of FLIR Extech’s Borescope Cameras
Borescope Cameras

FLIR Extech's Borescopes offer video and photo recording functions and wireless displays for an unobstructed view no matter how the camera is angled.

Image of Trenz TE0725 Series with Xilinx Artix-7
TE0725 Series with Xilinx Artix®-7

Trenz Electronic’s TE0725 are low-cost, small-sized FPGA modules integrating Xilinx Artix®-7 for configuration and operation.

Image of PULS' DC-UPS and Buffer Modules
DC Back-Up Solutions: UPS and Buffer Modules

PULS’ DC-UPS and buffer modules require three elements - a power supply, a DC-UPS controller, and a battery - to provide back-up power.