Part Tracing

Digi-Key now offers a new way to make it easier to visually verify Cut Tape product and provide more convenient traceability in customer supply chains. Cut Tape strips of 200mm (about 8 inches) or longer now include a universally unique Part Tracing ID and order-specific information printed directly on the back of the 8mm wide paper carrier tape. In addition to printed information, the Part Tracing ID can be used in your My Digi-Key account to retrieve all available information that pertains to the specific piece of Cut Tape.

Trace a Part

Part Information

  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Digi-Key Part Number
  • Customer Reference
  • Manufacturer
  • Part Description
  • Date Code + Lot Code
  • Country of Origin

Order Information

  • Salesorder Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Line Item Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Across the electronic component industry, the traceability of Cut Tape product is a major frustration. Once the product is out of the labeled bag from the distributor, it can be difficult to identify it.

Digi-Key is the leader in SMD cut-tape distribution, and we want to solve this problem. Now, with the Digi-Key tape showing identifying information on it, not only does it help you visually verify your cut tape, but you can access our Traceability portal and look up further information.
Currently, we are printing traceability information on many of our most popular Cut Tape parts and are working hard to add eligible parts. In order for a piece of Cut Tape to receive printing it must be:

  • 8 mm-wide tape
  • Paper carrier tape
  • Ordered as a minimum length of 200 mm (about 8 inches)
    • 50 parts for 4mm pitch tape (often 0603 and larger package sizes)
    • 100 parts for 2mm pitch tape (often 0402 or smaller package sizes)
Depending on the length of the Cut Tape, we prioritize the information that is printed to maximize your traceability. At minimum, if your Cut Tape met the criteria for printing, you will see the Part Tracing ID, a barcode that represents the ID, a part number, and a partial description of the product.
No, Digi-Key is happy to provide this service at no extra cost.
No, currently we are printing on all eligible Cut Tape product automatically. If the part you ordered is not eligible for printing, keep in mind we are working quickly to expand this service to meet your traceability needs.