In-Line Blade Fuse Holders

MPD's in-line fuse holders hold standard blade and cartridge type fuses

Image of MPD's In-Line Blade Fuse HoldersMPD's cartridge and blade fuse holders are a reliable and cost-effective solution to protect equipment and electrical applications from damage caused by blown circuits. Fuses are an ideal alternative to circuit breakers because of their small size and ability to protect multiple circuits within a small space. A wide variety of automotive and marine fuse holders with current rating options of 20 A, 30 A, and 80 A are available.

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Blade Fuse Holders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFuse SizeCurrent RatingAvailable QuantityView Details
BF352 datasheet linkINLINE FUSE HOLDER 20A/16AWGBF352INLINE FUSE HOLDER 20A/16AWG0.760" L x 0.207" W x 0.492" H (19.30mm x 5.25mm x 12.50mm)20A1014 - Immediate
700 - Factory Stock
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BF351 datasheet linkINLINE FUSE HOLDER 30A/12AWG WATBF351INLINE FUSE HOLDER 30A/12AWG WAT0.760" L x 0.207" W x 0.492" H (19.30mm x 5.25mm x 12.50mm)30A486 - Immediate
BF351 product page link
BF353L datasheet linkINLINE FUSE HOLDER 80A/8AWG WATEBF353LINLINE FUSE HOLDER 80A/8AWG WATE1.169" L x 0.358" W x 0.839" H (29.70mm x 9.10mm x 21.30mm)80A716 - Immediate
1400 - Factory Stock
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Cartridge Holders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCurrent RatingAvailable QuantityView Details
BF302 datasheet linkINLINE FUSE HOLDER 30A/12AWGBF302INLINE FUSE HOLDER 30A/12AWG30A1877 - Immediate
1500 - Factory Stock
BF302 product page link
BF309 datasheet linkINLINE FUSE HOLDER 30A/14AWGBF309INLINE FUSE HOLDER 30A/14AWG30A323 - Immediate
BF309 product page link
BF310 datasheet linkINLINE FUSE HOLDER 10A/18AWGBF310INLINE FUSE HOLDER 10A/18AWG10A2378 - Immediate
300 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2018-05-11