EMI and DC/DC Switching Converters

Because of efficiency and size benefits, DC/DC switching converter power supplies are increasingly being designed into all types of products. A potential negative side effect of using a switching converter is increased EMI. How the power supply is designed and physically implemented on the PCB can have significant impact on the end product’s EMI performance. Poor EMI performance can result in increased engineering effort from design re-spins to meet regulatory requirements and reduced product performance. It is beneficial to understand sources of EMI and the potential impact on physical design early in the design process to help minimize product development cost and time.

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Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) has created a series of engineering webinars to help designers understand EMI and related design implementation issues. These excellent webinars were developed by Senior MPS Field Application Engineers with multiple years of experience analyzing and solving EMI related issues. “Automotive EMI Demystified” analyzes a typical power stage and investigates magnetic coupling, current loops and layout hints. “Pursuing an Ideal Power Supply Layout” covers PCB real estate planning, utilizing each layer of the PCB, using copper fill and an EMI-optimized schematic and layout case study. “Spread Spectrum for Power Supplies” covers PSU fixed frequency spectrum, frequency and duty cycle impact on EMI, spread spectrum impact on EMI and implementation methods.

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Continuing with the series, MPS and Digi-Key Electronics discuss EMI in DC/DC converter switching designs and industry trends in the “Understand EMI Issues in Power Design and How to Best Mitigate” webinar. MPS Senior FAE Christian Kueck returns to discuss sources of EMI on PCB layouts, EMI issues with DC-DC power supply performance, impact of switching frequency, how passive components affect conducted/radiated EMI, and module vs. discrete solutions. Digi-Key Electronics’ VP of Applications Engineering Randall Restle discusses electronic industry development trends toward modular and system-level solutions.

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