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- AVX Corporation is a recognized leader in the global passive electronic component and interconnect products industry. Each year AVX Corporation accepts the challenge of helping Design Engineers create superior products for their customers utilizing AVX’s cutting edge research, design expertise and materials technology to improve performance and reduce total cost. Worldwide manufacturing capabilities in seventeen countries on four continents allows AVX to meet customers needs on a global basis.


9155-800 Series Connector

Image of AVX 9155-800 Series Connectors

AVX's battery connectors have been used for years in a number of applications’ battery packs, removable or pluggable modules, and conventional board-to-board. Learn More

TCN Series Polymer Low Profile Capacitors

Image of AVX Corporation's TCN Series Polymer Low-Profile Capacitors

AVX's TCN series, SMD, tantalum polymer capacitors feature conductive polymer electrodes to reduce ignition failure mode. Learn More

SCC and SCM Series Supercapacitors

Image of AVX SCC Series Cylindrical Supercapacitors

The AVX series of electrochemical double-layer capacitors offers excellent pulse power handling characteristics. Learn More

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AVX Polymers

Polymer Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

AVX’s polymer solid electrolytic capacitors with low ESR and case sizes as small as 0603 are ideal for applications including smartphones, PCs, SSD, and more. Learn More

Image of AVX Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

AVX automotive components including connectors, tantalum capacitors, filter, inductors, & more available at DigiKey. Same day shipping! Learn More

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Accu-Guard® II Low Current Series Publish Date: 2012-06-29

AVX's Accu-Guard® II low-current series of miniature 0603 fuses utilize thin-film and LGA technologies and are UL E141069 approved.

9159 Series Board-to-Board Interconnect System Publish Date: 2012-06-29

AVX's 9159 interconnect system, designed for the SSL market, allows two PCBs to be mated end-to-end, which creates strips of LED lighting.

9176 WTB Connectors Publish Date: 2012-06-29

AVX's 9176 WTB connectors are 26-28 AWG IDC contacts for industrial WTB applications with an industrial -40 - 125°C operating temperature range.

GL Series Ultra-Broadband Inductor Publish Date: 2012-06-29

AVX's GL series provides performance up through 40+ Ghz and also provides ultra-low insertion loss, excellent return loss, and extreme part-to-part performance.

LG Low Inductance LGA Capacitors Publish Date: 2012-06-29

AVX's low-inductance LGA capacitors virtually have the equivalent high-frequency performance of 8-terminal IDCs in a 2-terminal package.

High-Capacitance PulseCap™ Capacitors Publish Date: 2012-06-29

AVX's TLN PulseCap series of high-capacitance, low-profile tantalum capacitors feature an undertab termination style.

Tools and Support

Image of AVX's SpiCALCI 10.0

SpiCALCI 10.0

SpiCALCI is an engineering tool that calculates performance characteristics and parameters for Switch Mode Power Supply capacitors. For PC compatibles only. Learn More

Image of AVX's SpiCAP 3.0

SpiCAP 3.0

SpiCap is an online engineering tool that defines the frequency response and voltage coefficient for AVX ceramic chip capacitors. Learn More

Image of AVX's Design Tools

Design Tools

For More Tools from AVX. Learn More

Image of AVX's SpiTAN IV

SpiTAN IV (Web Based Version - Polymer, Tantalum, and Niobium Capacitors)

SpiTan defines the frequency response for AVX tantalum chip capacitors and wet tantalum axial capacitors. Main new features include e.g. maximal ESR curves vs. frequency and temperature, maximal leakage current curve vs. time and S-parameter s2p files generator. Learn More

Image of AVX's Modelithics

Modelithics™ Models

Modelithics Global Models™ reliably track how each component’s performance will change with substrate characteristics. Learn More

Image of AVX's Select-a-Cap 6.1

Select-A-Cap 6.1 (Polymer, Tantalum, and Niobium Capacitors)

This software suggests recommended AVX SMD Polymer, Tantalum and Niobium capacitors in accordance to the application circuit parameters including the appropriate derating. Learn More

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Series 9175/9176/9177 Wire-to-Board IDCs Module Publish Date: 2008-03-06

Saving space and costs, the 9175/9176/9177 series allow for quick connection of a wide range of devices to PC boards with out soldering and quick termination of discrete wires.

Duration: 5 minutes
0201 Multi-Layer Varistors Publish Date: 2009-10-13

The 0201 multi-layer varistor offers significant filter response and size advantage over typical diode and EMC capacitor TVS protection implementations.

Duration: 10 minutes
Wet Tantalum Publish Date: 2010-05-18

TWA wet tantalum capacitors have high capacitance and high voltage, low leakage currents, and standard case sizes T1-T4.

Duration: 5 minutes
Ultra-Thin Capacitors Overview Publish Date: 2010-11-22

AVX's ultra-thin capacitors include advantages like efficient usage of the inner space of the PWB, improvement of electrical parameters, and increased reliability.

Duration: 5 minutes

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AVX High Temperature Ceramic, Tantalum Advanced Products

AVX web video_Canadian

AVX High Temperature Ceramic, Tantalum Advanced Products

AVX web video

Series 70-9176 Single IDC Contact

A demonstration of the 9176 series with a cap and arbor press tool and also a hand press tool.

Series 917X Standard IDC with Hand Insertion Tool

A demonstration of the 917x series with the use of a hand insertion tool.

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