Super Low-Profile Sockets

Mill-Max's super low-profile sockets are reliable and compact, minimizing interconnect height

Image of Mill-Max's Super Low-Profile SocketsMill-Max's super low-profile sockets are its lowest profile strip sockets to date. With an above-board height of just 0.083” (2.11 mm) these sockets provide a reliable and convenient way to connect boards or devices.

Many of today’s products, such as implantable and wearable devices for the medical industry, demand miniaturization along with high functionality and reliability. These requirements drive designers to find durable solutions to package more electronics into smaller spaces; these sockets can satisfy these needs. The 315-43-1XX-41-004000 (single row) and 415-43-2XX-41-004000 (double row) sockets have 0.100” (2.54 mm) pin spacing with a low profile of 0.083” (2.11 mm). They are designed for through-hole mounting in boards up to 0.062” (1.57 mm) thick, providing a secure connection to the PCB. These sockets are ideal for board stacking and wire to board applications where minimizing package height is paramount.

When mated with Mill-Max low-profile headers, 335-10-1XX-00-160000 (single row) and 435-10-2XX-00-160000 (double row), the total height between the boards is only 0.155” (3.94 mm). For wire-to-board connections the Mill-Max 380-10-1XX-00-002000 (single row) and 480-10-2XX-00-002000 (double row) solder cup headers combine with the super low-profile sockets to achieve a total height of 0.268” (6.81 mm). Each receptacle is precision turned from brass-alloy; has a highly reliable four finger, beryllium copper contact; accepts leads ranging from 0.015” to 0.022” (0.38 mm to 0.56 mm); and is designed to withstand the rigors of rugged applications associated with portability. The insulator material is high-temperature PCT, compatible with most soldering processes. Single row connectors are available in 1 position to 32 positions, double row connectors in 4 positions to 72 positions. Standard plating options include tin or gold for the outer shell and gold for the internal contact, providing optimal interconnect reliability.

315 Series Super Low-Profile Sip Sockets

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
315-47-102-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET315-47-102-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET97 - Immediate
315-47-102-41-004000 product page link
315-47-103-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET315-47-103-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET55 - Immediate
315-47-103-41-004000 product page link
315-47-104-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET315-47-104-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET102 - Immediate
315-47-104-41-004000 product page link
315-47-106-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET315-47-106-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET130 - Immediate
315-47-106-41-004000 product page link
315-47-108-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET315-47-108-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET97 - Immediate
315-47-108-41-004000 product page link
315-47-110-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET315-47-110-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET101 - Immediate
315-47-110-41-004000 product page link

335 Series Low-Profile Pin Headers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
335-10-102-00-160000 datasheet linkCONN HDR PIN335-10-102-00-160000CONN HDR PIN119 - Immediate
335-10-102-00-160000 product page link
335-10-103-00-160000 datasheet linkCONN HDR PIN335-10-103-00-160000CONN HDR PIN124 - Immediate
335-10-103-00-160000 product page link
335-10-104-00-160000 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 4POS .100" SGL GOLD335-10-104-00-160000CONN HEADER 4POS .100" SGL GOLD154 - Immediate
335-10-104-00-160000 product page link
335-10-106-00-160000 datasheet linkCONN HEADER   .100" 6 POS335-10-106-00-160000CONN HEADER .100" 6 POS101 - Immediate
335-10-106-00-160000 product page link
335-10-108-00-160000 datasheet linkCONN HDR PIN335-10-108-00-160000CONN HDR PIN130 - Immediate
335-10-108-00-160000 product page link
335-10-110-00-160000 datasheet linkCONN HDR PIN335-10-110-00-160000CONN HDR PIN119 - Immediate
335-10-110-00-160000 product page link

415 Series Super Low-Profile Sip Sockets

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
415-47-204-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET415-47-204-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET107 - Immediate
415-47-204-41-004000 product page link
415-47-206-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET415-47-206-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET132 - Immediate
415-47-206-41-004000 product page link
415-47-208-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET415-47-208-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET204 - Immediate
415-47-208-41-004000 product page link
415-47-212-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET415-47-212-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET123 - Immediate
415-47-212-41-004000 product page link
415-47-216-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET415-47-216-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET100 - Immediate
415-47-216-41-004000 product page link
415-47-220-41-004000 datasheet linkSUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET415-47-220-41-004000SUPER LOW PROFILE SIP SOCKET118 - Immediate
415-47-220-41-004000 product page link

435 Series Low-Profile Pin Headers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
435-10-204-00-160000 datasheet linkLP SOLDRTL DBL435-10-204-00-160000LP SOLDRTL DBL200 - Immediate
435-10-204-00-160000 product page link
435-10-206-00-160000 datasheet linkLP SOLDRTL DBL435-10-206-00-160000LP SOLDRTL DBL134 - Immediate
435-10-206-00-160000 product page link
435-10-208-00-160000 datasheet linkLP SOLDRTL DBL435-10-208-00-160000LP SOLDRTL DBL200 - Immediate
435-10-208-00-160000 product page link
435-10-212-00-160000 datasheet linkLP SOLDRTL DBL435-10-212-00-160000LP SOLDRTL DBL132 - Immediate
435-10-212-00-160000 product page link
435-10-216-00-160000 datasheet linkLP SOLDRTL DBL435-10-216-00-160000LP SOLDRTL DBL99 - Immediate
435-10-216-00-160000 product page link
435-10-220-00-160000 datasheet linkLP SOLDRTL DBL435-10-220-00-160000LP SOLDRTL DBL120 - Immediate
435-10-220-00-160000 product page link
Published: 2018-05-15