Digital Multimeter Cartridge Fuses - 0ADHC Series

Bel Fuse’s 1000 V, 10 mm x 38 mm cartridge fuses are suited for the replacement of blown fuses

Image of Bel Fuse 0ADHC Series Digital Multimeter Cartridge FusesBel Fuse’s 0ADHC series expands its product offering into distance measuring instrument (DMI) and digital multimeter (DMM) circuit protection. Using industry standard 10 mm x 38 mm size fuses with a voltage rating of 1000 VAC/VDC and high interrupt rating of 30 kA, these fuses are suited for the replacement of blown fuses that can occur while protecting expensive and sensitive metering equipment.

Features Applications
  • UL Recognized (E20624)
  • 1000 VAC/VDC
  • High interrupt ratings: 30 kA (1000 VAC and 1000 VDC)
  • DMI
  • Multimeters

0ADHC Series Digital Multimeter Cartridge Fuses

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResponse TimeBreaking Capacity @ Rated VoltageAvailable QuantityView Details
0ADHC0440-BE datasheet linkFUSE CERM 0.44A 1000VAC/VDC0ADHC0440-BEFUSE CERM 0.44A 1000VAC/VDCFast30kA979 - Immediate
0ADHC0440-BE product page link
0ADHC0500-BE datasheet linkFUSE CERM 0.5A 1000VAC/VDC0ADHC0500-BEFUSE CERM 0.5A 1000VAC/VDCFast30kA993 - Immediate
0ADHC0500-BE product page link
0ADHC9100-BE datasheet linkFUSE CERM 10A 1000VAC/VDC0ADHC9100-BEFUSE CERM 10A 1000VAC/VDCFast30kA791 - Immediate
0ADHC9100-BE product page link
0ADHC9110-BE datasheet linkFUSE CERM 11A 1000VAC/VDC0ADHC9110-BEFUSE CERM 11A 1000VAC/VDCFast30kA965 - Immediate
0ADHC9110-BE product page link
Published: 2018-05-01