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ECO Series

TDK Corporation ECO2425SLD-D01H017

Supplier: TDK Corporation

Subtitle: Switching Power Supply Transformers
Description: High efficiency and small size are key features of switching power supplies. TDK has developed its proprietary ECO core shape, which is at the heart of TDK’s ECO Series transformer. This result in considerable downsizing of the product, while increasing the creepage distance required for complia...

Category: Power, Circuit ProtectionTransformersSwitching Converter, SMPS Transformers

ALT Series

TDK Corporation ALT Series

Supplier: TDK Corporation

Subtitle: Pulse Transformer for LAN, Surface Mount
Description: TDK's ALT series of SMD pulse transformers employs an innovative automated coil winding technique and features very uniform electrical properties with a much smaller footprint and developed for LANs.

Category: Power, Circuit ProtectionTransformersPulse

CCT Series

TDK Corporation CCT354571-300-24-00

Supplier: TDK Corporation

Subtitle: Clamp Type AC Current Sensors
Description: TDK CCT Series AC Current Sensors is equipped with a built-in open-circuit protective device and features a clamp type for easy installation on existing power equipment. The series accommodates automatic processes from wire wrapping and winding to soldering, ensuring high-quality and stable supply.

Category: Power, Circuit ProtectionTransformersCurrent Sensing

ATB3225 Series

TDK Corporation ATB3225 Series

Supplier: TDK Corporation

Subtitle: Surface Mount Step up Transformers
Description: Small step up transformers developed for Xenon circuits. ATB3225 is smaller than existing step-up transformer products and enables a reduction of mounting surfaces.

Category: Power, Circuit ProtectionTransformersSpecialty

PFC Series

TDK Corporation PFC Series

Supplier: TDK Corporation

Subtitle: Transformers
Description: Choke Coils for PFC

Category: Power, Circuit ProtectionTransformersSpecialty