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CBM Series

CUI Inc. CBM-6015V-150

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: DC Blower

Category: Thermal ProductsDC FansBlower

CFM-xx Series

CUI Inc. CFM-xx Series

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: DC Axial Fan
Description: CUI’s DC axial fans address the increasing thermal challenges present in today’s board-level electronic applications. The CFM series, with frame sizes of 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 92 mm, and 120 mm, delivers airflow ranging from 10 CFM in the 40 mm series to over 200 CFM in the 120 mm se...

Category: Thermal ProductsDC FansTubeaxial

EYG-T Series

Panasonic Electronic Components EYG-T Series

Supplier: Panasonic Electronic Components

Subtitle: Graphite-PAD High Thermal Conductivity in Z-Direction
Description: Graphite-PAD is a thermal interface material (TIM) that compatibly obtained excellent thermal conductivity in thickness direction (Z-axis direction) and high flexibility (deformable with a low load). The properties are greater than that of existing TIMs. The product is created by filling PGS Grap...

Category: Thermal ProductsPads, Sheets


Panasonic Electronic Components NASBIS Series

Supplier: Panasonic Electronic Components

Subtitle: Insulating Sheet
Description: NASIBIS is a heat insulating sheet, which is composed of silica aerogel and fiber sheet, created through impregnation process. Pore size of silica aerogel is 10 to 60nm, which means it has smaller space than the mean path of the air, 68nm. Air molecules do not collide against each other inside th...

Category: Thermal ProductsPads, Sheets

PGS Series

Panasonic Electronic Components PGS Series

Supplier: Panasonic Electronic Components

Subtitle: Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet, Advanced Thermal Management Solution
Description: PGS is an ultra-thin, lightweight, graphite polymer film with a thermal conductivity high enough to release and diffuse the heat generated by heat sources such as processors, power amplifiers and batteries. This synthetically made material was named Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet or PGS. With a thermal...

Category: Thermal ProductsPads, Sheets

HSP Series

Sensata-Crydom HSP-1

Supplier: Sensata-Crydom

Subtitle: Thermal Pads
Description: Easy to use thermal interface material designed for use with standard Crydom single phase and three phase solid state relays.

Category: Thermal ProductsPads, Sheets

Peltier Modules

CUI Inc. CP60140

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Peltier Modules
Description: CUI Peltier Modules provide a convenient and reliable cooling solution. Their compact size makes them ideal for applications that are size or weight limited and in applications where heat sinks, compressors or fans wouldn't be feasible. They can be operated in any orientation, do not require the ...

Category: Thermal ProductsThermoelectric, Peltier Modules

Heat Sinks

CUI Inc. HSS-B20-NP-12

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Bolt On Heat Sink, Board Level Type, Extruded Heat Sink
Description: Designed for half brick converters, keeps converters cool with natural convection or forced air.

Category: Thermal ProductsThermal - Heat SinksBolt On

Clip Heat Sinks

CUI Inc. HSS-B20-CP-01

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Clip and PC Pin Heat Sinks

Category: Thermal ProductsThermal - Heat SinksClip

Heat Sinks

CUI Inc. HSE-B20250-040H-01

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Press Fit, Slide on Heat Sinks, Board Level Heat Sinks

Category: Thermal ProductsThermal - Heat SinksPress Fit, Push Pin