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CBM Series

CUI Inc. CBM-6015V-150

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: DC Blower

Category: Thermal ProductsDC FansBlower

CFM-xx Series

CUI Inc. CFM-xx Series

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: DC Axial Fan
Description: CUI’s DC axial fans address the increasing thermal challenges present in today’s board-level electronic applications. The CFM series, with frame sizes of 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 92 mm, and 120 mm, delivers airflow ranging from 10 CFM in the 40 mm series to over 200 CFM in the 120 mm se...

Category: Thermal ProductsDC FansTubeaxial

Peltier Modules

CUI Inc. CP60140

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Peltier Modules
Description: CUI Peltier Modules provide a convenient and reliable cooling solution. Their compact size makes them ideal for applications that are size or weight limited and in applications where heat sinks, compressors or fans wouldn't be feasible. They can be operated in any orientation, do not require the ...

Category: Thermal ProductsThermoelectric, Peltier Modules

Heat Sinks

CUI Inc. HSS-B20-NP-06

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Bolt On Heat Sink, Board Level Type, Extruded Heat Sink
Description: Designed for half brick converters, keeps converters cool with natural convection or forced air.

Category: Thermal ProductsThermal - Heat SinksBolt On

Clip Heat Sinks

CUI Inc. HSS-B20-CP-01

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Clip and PC Pin Heat Sinks

Category: Thermal ProductsThermal - Heat SinksClip

Heat Sinks

CUI Inc. HSE-B20250-040H-01

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Press Fit, Slide on Heat Sinks, Board Level Heat Sinks

Category: Thermal ProductsThermal - Heat SinksPress Fit, Push Pin

Heat Sinks

CUI Inc. Heat Sinks

Supplier: CUI Inc.

Subtitle: Surface Mount Pad Heat Sinks

Category: Thermal ProductsThermal - Heat SinksSurface Mount

RF Lab Kit-001

Crystek Corporation RFLABKIT-001

Supplier: Crystek Corporation

Subtitle: RF Lab Kit-001
Description: Crystek’s RF Lab Kit 001 contains a wide selection of commonly used test aids. The Kit contains a full selection of Attenuators, DC Blocks, Passive Doublers, Amplifiers, Voltage Regulators and many reference frequency sources to include Crystek’s CPROs, RFPROs and RedBox VCOs.

Category: Thermal ProductsAccessories, Kits