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ACL Staticide Inc
Staticide® 30 Series
ACL Staticide Inc
Staticide® Cleaner
ACL Staticide Inc
Staticide® Lint Free Series

Staticide® Cleaner

Static Control Cleaner

ACL Staticide Inc

ACL’s Staticide&reg, an inexpensive, easy to use topical antistatic solution, is a highly effective method for long term static control. It is widely used in a broad range of industries, as well as in the office.

Product Description

Available in several different formulations, Staticide is packaged in gallons or ready to use quart bottles with sprayers. It is easily applied on walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, fixtures, work surfaces, tools and equipment, conveyor belts, clothing and other materials. On a hard surface, one gallon of Staticide will cover several thousand square feet, and last from weeks to months, depending on the application.

  • Easy, inexpensive to use and long lasting
  • Effective on virtually any material
  • Can be applied as spray, wipe, dip or by transfer roller coating, gravure coating or flexographic printing
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to use
  • Non-staining, completely biodegradable
  • Effective on carpeting and tile floors
  • Available in ready to use or concentrated form
  • Effective in PC board solder fault reduction programs
  • Meets the requirements for topical antistats as listed in Military Handbook DOD-HDBK-263
  • Proven effective in relative humidities below 15%
  • Used in highly sensitive electronic and EDP operations
  • Proven effective in eliminating EDP field service problems
  • Specified by many industrial users
  • Effective in all office environments where electronic equipment is located

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60016001CLEANER STATICIDE CONDUCTIVE 1QTCleaner, AntistaticMats, SurfacesGeneral Purpose12 (1 Quart ea)
60026002CLEANER STATICIDE CONDUCTVE 1GALCleaner, AntistaticMats, SurfacesAnti-Static, Nonabrasive4 (1 Gallon ea)
4020-14020-1NEUTRAL CLEANER CONCENTRATE GAL Cleaner, AntistaticMultiple SurfacesGeneral Purpose, Non-Acidic4 (1 Gallon ea)RoHS
4030-14030-1NEUTRAL CLEANER READY TO USE GALCleaner, AntistaticMultiple SurfacesGeneral Purpose, Non-Acidic4 (1 Gallon ea)RoHS
4100-14100-1STATIC DISSIPATIVE RESTORER Cleaner, RestorerFloorsBiodegradable4 (1 Gallon ea)RoHS
6300Q6300QANTISTATIC COATING PLASTICS 1 QTCoating, AntistaticPlastic SurfacesGeneral Purpose1 Quart
20032003STATICIDE GENERAL PURPOSE QUART Liquid, AntistaticMultiple SurfacesAnti-Static, Biodegradable1 QuartRoHS
20052005STATICIDE HEAVY DUTY QUART Liquid, AntistaticHigh Friction SurfacesAnti-Static, Biodegradable1 QuartRoHS
20022002HEAVY DUTY STATICIDE GAL Liquid, AntistaticHigh Friction SurfacesAnti-Static, Biodegradable4 (1 Gallon ea)RoHS
20012001GEN PURPOSE STATICIDE GALLON Liquid, AntistaticMultiple SurfacesAnti-Static, Biodegradable4 (1 Gallon ea)RoHS
530530GEN PURP STATICIDE 4OZ BTL Liquid, AntistaticMultiple SurfacesGeneral Purpose4 OunceRoHS
520520STATICIDE HEAVY DUTY 4 OZ Liquid, AntistaticMultiple Surfaces-4 OunceRoHS
70017001HAND LOTION ESD DISSIPATIVE Lotion, HandMoisturizing, Static DissipationNon-Acidic8 OunceRoHS

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