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Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions
ICL Series
Littelfuse Inc.
ST Series
Murata Electronics North America
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ST Series

Inrush Current Limiting Power Thermistors

Littelfuse Inc.

These inrush current limiting power thermistors are specially formulated and processed NTC thermistors suitable for suppressing high inrush currents in switching power supplies and other applications where the high initial starting currents are undesirable. Their unique design enables them to handle extremely high current and voltage levels.

Product Description

In a typical power supply application, the device is used in series with the filter capacitors. Upon application of the initial voltage, the device, due to its relatively high resistance, limits the current flow to an acceptable level until the capacitors are charged. Thereafter, the device decreases in resistance substantially to a level where the voltage drop across it is negligible.

  • Current - Steady State Max:2A ~ 20A
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • R @ 25°C:1 Ohms ~ 40 Ohms
  • R @ Current:15 mOhms ~ 600 mOhms

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ST1R020BST1R020BICL 1 OHM 15% 20A 30.5MM 1 Ohms±15%20A15 mOhmsRoHS
ST2R515BST2R515BICL 2.5 OHM 20% 15A 30.5MM 2.5 Ohms±20%15A30 mOhmsRoHS
ST2R503BST2R503BICL 2.5 OHM 20% 3A 15.24MM 2.5 Ohms±20%3A150 mOhmsRoHS
ST2R507BST2R507BICL 2.5 OHM 20% 7A 17.78MM 2.5 Ohms±20%7A50 mOhmsRoHS
ST2R509BST2R509BICL 2.5 OHM 20% 9A 22.86MM 2.5 Ohms±20%9A40 mOhmsRoHS
ST5R007BST5R007BICL 5 OHM 20% 7A 23.5MM 5 Ohms±20%7A70 mOhmsRoHS
ST5R002BST5R002BICL 5 OHM 20% 2A 15.24MM 5 Ohms±20%2A400 mOhmsRoHS
ST5R005BST5R005BICL 5 OHM 20% 5A 17.14MM 5 Ohms±20%5A100 mOhmsRoHS
ST7R004BST7R004BICL 7 OHM 20% 4A 15.24MM 7 Ohms±20%4A200 mOhmsRoHS
ST10003BST10003BICL 10 OHM 20% 3A 14.6MM 10 Ohms±20%3A200 mOhmsRoHS
ST40002BST40002BICL 40 OHM 20% 2A 18.42MM 40 Ohms±20%2A600 mOhmsRoHS

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