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Mini-Mizer® Series
Nano-Mizer® Series
7/8" Series

Nano-Mizer® Series

Circular 03 and 04 Position Female to Wire Leads


Built to meet or exceed Industry Standards, this 8mm product offers a reduced size for small sensors and reduced packaging requirements.

  • 1st Connector Number of Positions:3 ~ 4
  • 1st Connector Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • 2nd Connector:Wire Leads
  • 2nd Connector Number of Positions:3 ~ 4
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Usage:Industrial Environments

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613S.3613S.3CBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 3P 0.98' Female3AllWire LeadsRoHS
614S.3614S.3CBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 4P 0.98' Female4AllWire LeadsRoHS
603SS5L603SS5LCBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 3P 16.4' Female3AllWire LeadsRoHS
654SS5L654SS5LCBL FMALE RA TO WIRE 4POS 16.4' Female, Right Angle4AllWire LeadsRoHS
614P.3614P.3CBL MALE TO WIRE LEAD 4POS 0.98'Male4AllWire LeadsRoHS
603PT1603PT1CBL MALE TO WIRE LEAD 3POS 3.28'Male3AllWire LeadsRoHS

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