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Mechatronics Fan Group
Mechatronics Fan Group
Finger Guard
Mechatronics Fan Group
Finger Guard And Filters

Finger Guard

Metal Finger Guard

Mechatronics Fan Group

Standard nickel chrome finish or black upon request. Metal fan guards are designed to meet UL spacing requirements.

  • Fan Accessory Type:Finger Guard
  • Fits Fan Size:40mm Sq ~ 280mm Sq
  • Material:Metal

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SGR-14SGR-1440MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard40mm SqAxial Fans2 RingsRoHS
SGR-31SGR-3180MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard80mm SqAxial Fans-RoHS
SGR-36SGR-3692MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard92mm SqAxial Fans-RoHS
SGR-47SGR-47120MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard119mm SqAxial Fans-RoHS
MG-18MG-18180MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard180mm SqAxial Fans-RoHS
MG-25MG-25254MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard254mm SqAxial Fans-RoHS
SGR-59SGR-59172MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard172mm DiaAxial Fans-RoHS
SGR-24SGR-2460MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard60mm SqAxial Fans4 RingsRoHS
MG-250-17MG-250-17280MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard280mm SqUF250BMB Series-RoHS
MG-200MG-200225MM FINGER GUARD Finger Guard225mm SqUF200 Series-RoHS

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