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C2 and C3 Series
C4 Series
C5 Series

C4 Series

Panel Mount Rotary Switches


One to Six Decks, up to 12 Positions with Flatted Actuator

Product Description

The C4 Series provides a versatile, fully enclosed design that helps keep dirt and moisture out of the contact area while locking in life time lubricants. IP67 rating available. The Electroswitch C series is an ideal choice for enclosed switch requirements. The C series is an economical option for lower current rotary switch needs. It is ideal for requirement that need a low profile compact switch. The C series has many available options including BCD outputs, water resistant sealing, push to turn and dual concentric shaft designs.

  • Enclosed frame
  • Designed for lots of options
  • Panel mount
  • Adjustable stop available
  • Solder lug terminals available
  • Mounting nut and lockwasher are shipped assembled
Applications :
  • Test and Measurement
  • Military and aerospace
  • Construction and agricultural equipment
  • Household appliances
  • Transportation and off road vehicles
  • Medical equipment
  • Actuator Length:12.70mm
  • Actuator Type:Flatted (6.35mm Dia)
  • Angle of Throw:30°
  • Contact Finish:Silver
  • Contact Material:Brass
  • Contact Timing:Non-Shorting (BBM)
  • Current Rating (Amps):300mA (AC), 500mA (DC)
  • Depth Behind Panel:20.12mm ~ 56.18mm
  • Index Stops:Adjustable
  • Mounting Type:Panel Mount
  • Number of Decks:1 ~ 6
  • Number of Poles per Deck:1 ~ 3
  • Panel Cutout Dimensions:Circular - 9.78mm Dia
  • Termination Style:Solder Lug
  • Voltage Rating - AC:125V
  • Voltage Rating - DC:28V

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C4D0412N-AC4D0412N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 300MA 125V2 ~ 12Adjustable41RoHS
C4D0112N-AC4D0112N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 300MA 125V2 ~ 12Adjustable11RoHS
C4D0212N-AC4D0212N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 300MA 125V2 ~ 12Adjustable21RoHS
C4D0312N-AC4D0312N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 300MA 125V2 ~ 12Adjustable31RoHS
C4D0512N-AC4D0512N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 300MA 125V2 ~ 12Adjustable51RoHS
C4D0612N-AC4D0612N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 300MA 125V2 ~ 12Adjustable61RoHS
C4D0304N-AC4D0304N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-4POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 4Adjustable13RoHS
C4D0604N-AC4D0604N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-4POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 4Adjustable23RoHS
C4D1204N-AC4D1204N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-4POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 4Adjustable43RoHS
C4D1504N-AC4D1504N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-4POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 4Adjustable53RoHS
C4D0406N-AC4D0406N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-6POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 6Adjustable22RoHS
C4D0206N-AC4D0206N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-6POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 6Adjustable12RoHS
C4D1006N-AC4D1006N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-6POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 6Adjustable52RoHS
C4D0606N-AC4D0606N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-6POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 6Adjustable32RoHS
C4D0806N-AC4D0806N-ASWITCH ROTARY 2-6POS 300MA 125V 2 ~ 6Adjustable42RoHS

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