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Bopla Enclosures
BoplaCon MSK Series
Bopla Enclosures
BoplaCon POZ / MPOZ Series
Bopla Enclosures
BoplaCon POZB/MPOZB Series

BoplaCon POZ / MPOZ Series

BoplaCon POZ / MPOZ Polyamide Cable Glands

Bopla Enclosures

Bopla’s integrated strain relief blades guarantee that the cable is held firmly in the cable gland. The POZ/MPOZ plastic cable gland is made of 15% glass-fiber reinforced polyamide. This petroleum and oil resistant cable gland, with an ingress protection rating of IP 65, has a built-in clamping cage that provides effective strain relief.

  • Color:Gray
  • Ingress Protection:IP65 - Dust Tight, Water Resistant
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Type:Cable Gland

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1205180912051809CABLE GLAND 4-6MM PG7 POLY Cable Gland0.16" ~ 0.24" (4.0mm ~ 6.0mm)PG7-RoHS
1215180012151800CABLE GLAND 4-6MM M12 POLY Cable Gland0.16" ~ 0.24" (4.0mm ~ 6.0mm)M12x1.5-RoHS
1215190012151900CABLE GLAND 6-8MM M12 POLY Cable Gland0.24" ~ 0.31" (6.0mm ~ 8.0mm)M12x1.5-RoHS
1215230012152300CABLE GLAND 12-14MM M20 POLY Cable Gland0.47" ~ 0.55" (12.0mm ~ 14.0mm)M20x1.5-RoHS
1205230912052309CABLE GLAND 14-18MM PG21 POLY Cable Gland0.55" ~ 0.71" (14.0mm ~ 18.0mm)PG21-RoHS
1215240012152400CABLE GLAND 14-18MM M25 POLY Cable Gland0.55" ~ 0.71" (14.0mm ~ 18.0mm)M25x1.5-RoHS
1215250012152500CABLE GLAND 18-24MM M32 POLY Cable Gland0.71" ~ 0.94" (18.0mm ~ 24.0mm)M32x1.5-RoHS
1205240912052409CABLE GLAND 18-24MM PG29 POLY Cable Gland0.71" ~ 0.94" (18.0mm ~ 24.0mm)PG29-RoHS
1205210912052109CABLE GLAND 10-12MM PG13 POLY Cable Gland0.39" ~ 0.47" (10.0mm ~ 12.0mm)PG13-RoHS

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